Sunday, August 14, 2011

Holes in Law School Marketing Dam: Class Action Lawsuits Against Cooley and New York Law

There are officially holes in the law school marketing dam. Thomas M. Cooley Law School and New York Law School have been named as defendants in major class action litigation relating to their alleged misrepresentations concerning graduates' future employment prospects and compensation.

This follows on the heels of the New York Times' report about New York Law School.

It looks like my prediction from a couple of weeks ago came sooner than I really expected. "I have long thought that some (and perhaps many) law schools might face the same kind of litigation. As tuition rises and employment prospects decline, this litigation may not be far off for law schools."

It is, in my opinion, quite likely that many other similar law suits against many other law schools will follow as graduates (who likely should have never graduated, if they should have even been admitted) find themselves with substantial debt and no real prospect of legal employment sufficient to service the debt, if they even find a job.

The first holes created by the lawsuits against Cooley and New York Law will soon (and maybe hopefully) cause the entire dam to fail. Maybe some of the unemployed and unqualified graduates can get a job as counsel for other students suing the law schools -- something they would not need to do had they had a little more law-4-lunch.